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TIC of the College

Dr. Ajay Bhattacharyya, M. Sc., Ph. D.

From TIC Desk

Vivekananda Mahavidyalaya,Haripal,Hooghly, was started with the benign intention of imparting value-based education on the initiative undertaken by the spirited freedom fighter Pandit Dharanath Bhattacharya. The name of the college of course focussed the Progressive thoughts of Swami Vivekananda whose image to the rural youths , as a “ Beacon Light”. Thus on the basis of such belief, the Mahavidyalaya has reached with its small stepping at the door of “Golden Jubilee Year” on 8th August, 2015. The Closing ceremony has also been celebrated on august, 2016. Being a Principal of this college I have the opportunity to discuss some issues that are relevant to the higher education-

Firstly : Imparting education not only enlightens the receiver but also broadens the giver – the Teachers, Parents and the Friends. Secondly : An Institute could be defined as a responsive, adoptive organism which is a natural product of social needs and pressures. Therefore, effectiveness of an Institution can be conceived in terms of five main aspects as follows –

  • Achievement of Goals.
  • Development of people .
  • Expansion.
  • Self renewal.
  • Impact on the larger community.

With this belief I feel, to achieve the Goal, Administration should be Participative and Decentralised, where the primary duty of any teacher is to facilitate the development and transformation in the learners, on the other hand students are one of the richest source for learning to the teachers. Thirdly : Regarding development of an Institution, it is not restricted in physical structure because teaching-learning is directly influenced principally by the quantum of student–centricity where teacher-centric lectures are being rejected by all types of students, advanced or backwards. With this view in mind I hopefully like to introduce the student-centric learning as follows –

  • By introducing teaching aids like computer with Net–facility, Scanner, LCD-Projector, Photocopier, OHP etc. for the students.
  • Arrangement of computer training for teaching and non-teaching staffs.
  • Introducing Library upgradation (Barcode System) with UGC recognised Net i.e. ‘ SOUL’ installation.
  • Introducing Smart Class Room with Smart Board Facility.
  • Opening of Grievance- Redressal cell for the students.
  • Establishing career-counselling cell.
  • Opening the placement cell with a qualified person.
  • Establishing UGC recognised Career Oriented Certificate course on “ pisciculture and Medicinal Plants”
  • Development of Social connectivity and extension works by digging small waterbody within the campus with the help of 100 days project work through Panchyet.
  • Collection of student feedback and generation of student friendly approach.
  • Arrangement of UGC sponsored National/State level Seminer, Workshop, Science fair
  • Research activites through UGC sanctioned Minor and Major Projects.
  • Publication of In-House Journal
  • Enrichment of student`s participation in sports and Athletics in University and State-level.

With these considerations, we have clubbed the issues of indirect influence “ On Quality sustenance and Quality Enhancement Measures” in Teaching –Learning process where IQAC has been working as a “THINK TANK” of the Institution. Like any other observation, the Vivekananda Mahavidyalaya has its strength, weakness, opportunities and threats. Therefore, self and /or internal evaluation should necessary but we believe that occasional evauation by external groups like NAAC is essential which helps in ensuring the extent of achievement of institutional objectives. In this regard we have taken the venture and College has been Re-Accredited (CYCLE-2) by the NAAC on May 2015. The really important thing is – “Not to live but to live well”. Honestly speaking , we are at miles apart to become an excellent one. We do admit our numerous weakness and shortcomings, though there is potentiality for future improvement . We are striving hard to become a “SMART INSTITUTION” for survival with all potetiality like a strong Institution with Full Accountability, Reliability and Transparency.