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NOTICE-4:BA/BSC/BCOM (H&G) UG CBCS Semester-IV Examination-2022 Schedule: Download

NOTICE-3: BU General Guidelines on UG CBCS BA/BSc/BCom (H&G) Semester-VI/IV/II Examination-2022: Download

NOTICE-2: BA/BSC/BCOM (H&G) UG CBCS Semester-VI Examination-2022 Schedule: Download

NOTICE-1: Front Page of Answer Script for UG CBCS Semester-VI/IV/II Final Exam-2022: Download


Subject-wise & Course-wise List of Email Ids for Online Submission of Answer Scripts of BA/BSC/BCOM (H & G) Semester-VI Examination-2022: Download

Subject-wise & Course-wise List of Email Ids for Online Submission of Answer Scripts of BA/BSC/BCOM (H & G) Semester-IV Examination-2022 (CC/GE/SEC Papers): Download

List of Email Ids for Online Submission of Answer Scripts of BA (G) Semester-IV Examination-2022 (L2-2 Paper): Download

Question Papers of BA/BSC/BCOM Semester-IV Examination-2022 (First Half) (Honours & General): VIEW

Question Papers of BA/BSC/BCOM Semester-IV Examination-2022 (Second Half) (Honours & General): VIEW

Question Papers of BCA (H)  Semester-IV Examination-2022: VIEW

General Instructions

  • 1. The B.U. authority has taken decision to conduct Sem-VI, IV and II (CBCS) Examination-2022 in blended mode, i.e. provision for accessing questions electronically, writing answers from home using pen and paper and sending the answer script electronically after the examination.
  • 2. Every student should have own email id and mobile no. for sending answer script by email to email specified by the college.
  • 3. No examinee is eligible to take exam. in any subject or course/paper that is not mentioned in the Admit Card. Therefore, as per B.U. notification students will have to download individual Exam. Admit Card showing details of courses.
  • 4. Softcopy of the front page of the answer script to be used for writing answers will be available at B.U. website. The same is also available on the college website. Use of the front page provided by the B.U. is compulsory.
  • 5. Each question will be 10 (8+2), 5 (4+1) and 1 or 2 marks and will depend on the full marks of the course/paper. Soft copy of questions will be made available by the B.U. as well as college website at least half an hour before the commencement of exam.
  • 6. The timing will be restricted to 2/3 hours as the case may be for Sem-VI, IV and II Examination-2022.
  • 7. Examinees will have to submit their own hand written answer scripts electronically to the mail id specified by the college concerned in a single PDF file after maintaining the page sequence, i.e. front page followed by other pages within the stipulated time for each exam. day.
  • 8. For electronic submission numbered sheets are to be arranged serially, scanned, scanned pages converted to a single PDF document. The PDF document need to be named after the Roll no of the examinee and attached to the mail before sending it to specified mail id. In the subject field of the mail subject and course/paper are to be written.
  • 9. In case of failure in electronic submission, examinees must submit the same to their respective college within stipulated time (half an hour of each day`s exam. and collect receipt of submission from the college. If not submitted within the given time as per rule the examinee may be marked as ‘Absent’ for the said paper/course.

(Dr. A.K.Samanta)
Principal & Secretary